Dec 12, 2007

7 Good Things About Today.

For reasons I cannot talk about here, due to my confidentiality agreement at work, my day did not start out all that well. Let's just say that I can drive under intense pressure, without spilling a drop of my gas station coffee. By the time I got home, I was exhausted, and retired to the couch to watch "What Not to Wear". I vowed to never leave the couch until Friday when I went back to work. But, I perked up, and my day got better.

A nice hot shower and clean clothes helped me feel a bit more alert, and less like a smelly hobo.

Grocery shopping with Smyrish, is always an adventure.

I cooked a pot roast for supper, along with green bean casserole, stuffing, steamed carrots, wild rice, and of course, gravy.

I had a bubble bath, and a glass of wine or three.

I got my CSI fix for the day. Two hours of Grissom, always makes me happy and scrappy.

Smyrish and I sat together and wrote Xmas cards to our friends and family, while having a schnick, of course. Some of my Xmas cards, are a little bit silly thanks to the wine. I hope those who receive them, can appreciate my I'm-a-little-bit-tipsy Xmas humour.

Mr. Head and I had a nice chat over the Interweb.

And now, I am having a beer, watching "Family Business", and perusing my friends Etsy shops. (One day, I will actually purchase.)

For a day that started out so craptastically, it sure did turn out pretty swell. Now if only Aunt Flo would move along, life would be grand.

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