Mar 18, 2005

I've got a six-pack of Insomnia and nothing to say!

Insomnia fucking sucks. Insomnia, brought on by an obsession over the 50 Tracks chosen on CBC Radio One, is absolutely retarded. An hour ago, I was so exhausted, that I thought I might not even make it to the light switch to turn it off, before falling asleep on my feet, and now, here I am, roused from my bed, wishing I lived in Toronto, so I could be on some stupid panel, and wondering if that panel recieved my email. But, I will explain more about this new obsession of mine, later this week, when the final vote has been tabulated.

I have one more day of work to go, and then I get 3 days off, to celebrate St. Paddy's and get some much needed chores and errands done. It's been a long haul for me, and I must say I'm burning out, and need a break from autism for awhile. Usually I'm working hard and playing harder, but other than Cookeroo's birthday bash last Saturday, I haven't been playing at all, and I really need to get out and do my thing. Or something. Contrary to what Astro-Boy thinks, I don't party as hard as he imagines. Well, I don't party as hard or as regular, as the rest of the Pub once in awhile, I get this build-up, well this need, to socialize, and go out in public and act like a moron for a few hours. I am so looking forward to St. Pat's, I fear that I may have put to much pressure on the holiday, and I will let myself down....but I guess we'll just have to wait and see now won't we?

Well, it's unfortunate, but that's about all my tired brain can think of at the moment. I guess I should try once again to drift off to dream land, so I can wake up in time to go to work.

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