May 19, 2007

Saturday Night's Alright for Dancin'

My original plan was to stay in all weekend, due to having to work every morning, and having a bazillion things to do in order to prepare for the Arts Fest next weekend, but shortly after I arrived home from work, I decided 'fuck it', and decided it would be in my best interest to go out and get plastered tonight. Apparently, others had the same idea, because when I checked my messages, that seemed to be the consensus. It's gonna be a cold May Long Weekend Saturday night, and the patio will not be warm enough to sit on, but luckily, my favorite DJ is spinning the tunes tonight, so we can all get sweaty inside on the dance floor.

Plus, I just found out that my once attached girlfriends are now newly single, so I'm going to drag their butts out with me too. I haven't been dancing with the ladies in quite some time, and dancing by myself, while the boys talk hockey or whatever, has become a bit pathetic. (Although I don't think I'm as pathetic as the guy who dances by himself, and then tries to hold my hand throughout the night. He creeps me the fuck out, with his mute hand-holding.)

So watch out emo kids and young slutty bar stars, the cougars are coming out to play, and you better stay the fuck out of our way. We've got some steam to let off.

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