May 11, 2007

New Career, Maybe?

I don't know why they would ask me to work for them, or what they got from my blog that made them say "We need Abigail on our team!", but hey, I guess it's flattering nonetheless. And definatly the most interesting email I've recieved so far today, no offense Bob Lefsetz.

Dear Abigail,

I came across your blog - very nice and interesting. It was a pleasure to browse your blog. You have very expressive and interesting writings on your blog, and I wish you all the best in your further blogging.

I am so and so, from company, may I hope that you've already heard about it. Our store is selling adult toys and gifts, DVDs, erotic books, and lingerie; we also have special categories for gay and lesbian community and an educational section, containing useful info on sexuality, intimate life, dating, relationships, and homosexuality. We even have a whole site dedicated to educational and funny sexy material at

We would like to establish a relationship with your site for better serve our and your visitors. This can contain simple link exchange, and I hope our customers will appreciate if we can give them a note about such quality resource. We will also appreciate a link from your blog to our site.

We are also looking to expand our essays section as well as other editorial content. needs people who can write well and be creative with our products; which requires a great deal of sexual expression and awareness. If you are interested in becoming a reviewer or writer, please email at (email addy removed) and submit a writing sample or link to your blog.

Please mail us your decision, or any other ideas, as we are definitely open to any good ideas-such as promo actions, events, interviews and so on.

Best regards,

So and So
EdenFantasys Team

* names and email address have been removed.


i am the diva said...

what a wonderful email. :D

wench said...

that's so cool Abby!

do you have naked pictures buried in invisible links that we don't know about ... heh heh heh.

it's all about being frank, well not being Frank but being direct. you know what I mean ...