May 23, 2007

Ah! The Festival's Coming!

One good thing about all this rain we've been having this week, is that it is keeping me at home, and forcing me to be productive.

As of right now, there are only 3 more sleeps until the Arts Festival, and I have about 20 different things I need to do to feel as if I am prepared. Like find my stapler, get a float, iron everything that's been sitting in bins all winter, price items, and so on. None of it will take all that long, thank goodness, since I'm back at work tonight and tomorrow, and Friday will be spent with Knuckle Toes , gathering last minute supplies and getting ready for set-up on Saturday morning, so today's the day to get 'er all done.

I have been bouncing between my sewing machine and the coffee table the past two days, busting my butt, trying to get enough bags and jewellery created as to make it look like I actually have some stock to sell. I didn't do much all winter, which would have been a perfect time to do such things, and here I am, week before the festival, driving myself mad. I really need to work on being less of a procrastinator. But not now, maybe another day.

I spent all day yesterday worrying about the amount of items I have to sell, but an email from Knuckle Toes this morning made me stop worrying so much. She reminded me that I always think that I don't have enough stock, and that the festival is only for one day, and I definitely have enough for one day of sales. So the worry is starting to subside, and the excitement of hangin' at our booth all day, selling our wares, and chattin' it up with customers is starting to kick in.

Now, if only the weather man can be wrong about the forecast, and let it be bright and sunny on Saturday, and retract his statement that there is a possibility of rain and snow, it'll all be good.

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