Oct 2, 2007

The Great Mo-Fo De-Lurk 2007

It is after midnight, so it is officially De-Lurking Day!

The Great Mofo Delurk 2007

I must admit, I am a bit nervous about this whole day. What if my lurkers don't come out to play? Will they choose to stay in hiding, instead of just popping in to say hello? Sure, a couple of people have officially de-lurked, and that made me happy, but where is everyone else? Am I putting too much into this Great Mo-Fo De-Lurk, and is it worth putting my heart on the line?

Whatever happens, I just want to thank all who read me, from the bottom of my bloggin' heart. I know you're there from the hits, and I can see where you come from thanks to the StatCounter visitor map. I can even see which pages you have read. Wait a minute...maybe I am the one who is the lurker...or stalker....I seem to know way too much about you!

The greatest thing about De-Lurking Day, is the fact that I FINALLY get to meet the fabulous Madame Diva tonight, and she will get to meet oh, everyone I know, because The Pub is going to be action packed with hi-jinx and laughter, and maybe even tears, for an evening of celebrating the fact that we're all such wonderful friends.

Have a great day everyone.

* kisses and hugs*

Abigail Road

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