Oct 6, 2007

Right on the Money Horoscope.

Abigail's Horoscope for October 6, 2007: It's going to be hard to get much work done today, thanks to a bunch of freaky interruptions that seem to come from out of nowhere. You'll end up doing fine in the long run, though it may be exasperating.

No shit. I work at a group home. Every time I sit down to do anything, especially if it's paper work, working with numbers and money, or at the computer, I'm guaranteed to have someone interrupt me. Usually, they do need assistance, but sometimes, they just want to throw their shirt at my head, ask me the same question they've asked me 45 times already, or steal my coffee and dump it down the sink.

So yes, this horoscope was right on target. I tried my darnedest today, but I am still weeks behind on my mountain of paperwork.

At least, The Cookster has offered to buy me a couple pints tonight, so I should be fine in the long run.

Apparently, my slow decent into alcoholism can't even be slowed down by an empty bank account.

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