Sep 29, 2007

The Morning After.

I should have read my horoscope before I went out last night.

Abigail's Horoscope for September 28th:
You thrive on strange times and weird encounters, but today could get to be a bit much even for you. Try not to worry too much if you find someone close behaving like a lunatic -- it should make sense soon!

Luckily, we were all lunatics together, and I am not the only person trying to piece together a very blurry Fraturday evening.

I think the consensus is that we had a good time, a few of us are hoping that we didn't say or do anything too terribly stupid, nobody got seriously injured, double whiskey's should only be drank out of the public eye, and there are a couple restaurants out there in the downtown area that probably never want to see some of us again, if only we could remember which ones.

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