Sep 11, 2007

Abigail's Guilty Pleasures

It's time to come clean.....

1. E! True Hollywood Stories

2. Eating popcorn in bed.

3. Avril Lavigne.

4. Flirting with tall skinny boys with metrosexual hair and clothes.

5. Brat Pack movies.

6. Picking dead skin off my feet.

7. Ruining perfectly good pizza or lasagna, by picking off the cheese and eating it.

8. Cheap, headache inducing red wine.

9. Watching "Dog, The Bounty Hunter".

10. Pouring hot candle wax on my palms.

11. Skipping out on work, just to do nothing at all.

12. Cigarettes.

13. KFC's popcorn chicken.

14. Going commando.

15. Ripping off my split ends.

16. Cosmo magazines.

17. Booty-calls.

18. Justin Timberlake.

19. Me, the couch, and a day of MuchMoreMusic.

20. The pain from tattoos.

21. Living in my pajamas and not showering for an entire weekend.

22. Staying up all night partying, when I know I have to be up very early, and I'm going to be hurting.

23. Facebook.

What about you?

* For more lists of guilty pleasures, check out Saviabella, Knuckle Toes ,Madame Diva and
WenchWire. Why? Because they are four ladies who truly rock my world.

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