Sep 7, 2007

Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

I have slept about 10 hours in total in the past three days. Plus, it's Friday, and I actually don't have to work today, or tomorrow even, so I'm just going to chillax, and try not to use my brain for the next 48 hours. Which is why, I am going to be all listy, and copy Schmutzie's idea of admitting to all of my fears. I told her I would. ;)

Things Abigail is Afraid Of:

1. Stairs that you can see through.

2. Giving birth.

3. Heartbreak.

4. Ladders.

5. Losing my mom.

6. My house burning down, and losing everything.

7. Dementia.

8. Getting a wood tick up my vagina.

9. Falling on ice.

10. Being alone in a huge, dark building.

11. Responsibility.

12. Watching scary movies by myself.

13. The thought of never travelling again.

14. Spiders crawling in my mouth while I sleep.

15. Not waking up.

16. Blood clots.

17. Passing semi's on the highway.

18. Other drivers on the road.

19. The icky goo at the bottom of my fridge.

20. Hurting someones feelings.

21. Choking, with no one around to save me.

22. Losing my teeth.

23. Pictures and paintings of people, in which the eyes follow you around the room.

24. Regret.

25. Sucker fish.

26. Being followed at night.

27. Having my back to a crowded room.

28. Public fist fights.

29. Psychic readings.

30. Being a bother.

31. Being thought a pansy, because this list is so long.

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