Sep 27, 2007

Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are!!!!!!

The Great Mofo Delurk 2007

Last night I was staring at my StatCounter thinking that the number of hits I've been getting the past few weeks has been quite sporadic. Some days, almost nobody comes by to visit, yet on other days, I have been getting record numbers of hits, yet only my close blogging community pals have been commenting. (not that I mind that, those cool cats always have something wonderful, sweet, funny, or just plain redonkulous to say!)

As I looked at my visitor map of the world, I had to wonder why Hawaii, Chile, Spain and England weren't commenting. Maybe I have a long lost friend in Thailand that has been reading me daily, but I am just a horrible friend, and forgot that they moved there. Who are my readers in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan? Is it just that they don't have anything nice to say, so they aren't saying anything at all?

It's not that I write here, just for the comments. But like any blogger, I like feedback, and I like to know that at least someone out there is reading what I write.

Then, tonight after finally returning home after almost 30 hours of work at the group home, I sit down to read Madame Diva , and see that I don't have to wait for De-lurking Week, to make you all come out and show yourselves, because another one has been started up!!!! Thank you, Schmutzie and pals, for doing this for us!

This is my plea, to all of you to come out and let me know who you are, on or before October 3rd, 2007. In return, I promise to de-lurk myself to all of you who I am hiding in the bushes reading as well.

Come on, let's all be friends!

If you would like to participate in The Great Mofo Delurk 2007, you can go and grab the code, and the info here.

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