Sep 20, 2007

How to Give Yourself All Day Gas In Just a Few Easy Steps

I was craving tacos yesterday, from the second I woke up. This is not unusual for me. I regularly eat tacos for breakfast, and sometimes even lunch and supper. I got home, and ran to the fridge, I realized that my tomatoes were getting a bit too moldy to eat, and I was out of salsa, sour cream and I had forgotten to purchase taco seasoning when I was grocery shopping last week.

But I was determined. I was going to have spicy meat, in a soft tortilla shell.

Instead of the generic taco seasoning that I so love, I thought I'd try and sprinkle in some tandoori masala and some curry powder. Within seconds, my kitchen smelled like the Punjabi restaurant downtown.

I was sad about using all my sour cream to make dips for the engagement party last weekend, but I remembered that I had some Raita dip left over, and figured that would go well with the curry in the meat. I spread it all over the tortilla shells.

While the meat was browning, I thought I'd set up everything else. I realized that the only cheese I had was mozza soy loaf. I love soy loaf, I could eat it all day, but it never melts the way I want it to. I shred it up anyways, and ate a good chunk of it, while I cursed myself for eating all my vegetables.....I only had romaine lettuce and white onion to put in this damn taco.

In ten short minutes, it was all ready to put together. But for some reason, it just didn't seem right. Maybe because I was still upset about not being able to use generic taco seasoning. I decided to shred some more cheese, and put it on top of the wraps, and I threw them in the oven for a few minutes.

They were heavenly. They didn't really taste like tacos, they were more of an East Indian Meat Pie. The grease from the meat, and the I'll-melt-when-I-feel-like-it mozza soy loaf had gooed together, and it was a little bit of heaven in my mouth. The Raita added a flavour that sour cream only wishes it could add.

It was so good, I was actually happy to have leftovers. I'm going to eat them for breakie again today, and maybe even for supper. Sometimes, the concoctions I make up, are better than the 'real' foods I already know how to cook.


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