Sep 25, 2007

On the 25th, I Pledge to Bring You Five Run-On Sentences.

I was perusing blogs today, and as usual, happened upon Das Schmutz. She is participating in x365, which is a really fantastic idea. For 365 days, you post one tidbit about one person that you recall the first and last name of, that you just want to get off your chest, I guess. I thought about participating myself, but I know for a fact that at some point, I would forget about it, and would no doubt feel horrible about myself for being a quitter, and opted out. Also, I don't really want to name names around here, especially since some of those names may not know who this 'Abigail' person is, and I would like to keep it that way, if they do happen to stumble upon this here blog of mine.

Once I decided to be one of the cool kids that hang out at the back of the gymnasium and not participate in what's going on, I remembered that I had done something a few months ago, that was a tad similar, and thought that I would participate in a non-participatory way....a way that was more anonymous-unless-you-know-who-you-are, and a way that I could totally get myself out of an uncomfortable "Was that me you were talking about?" situation, by just saying that they read too much into it, and I was talking about somebody else. As well, I can do repeats, if in fact, I have more than one thing to say about said person.

From now on, I will spend the 25th day of each month, or the nearest date to that date, if I happen to go on a bender and forget that the 25th existed, saying what I want to say about people I have encountered in my life, in the vaguest possible way, in five sentences.

Feel free to ask for clarification. I may or may not clarify.

1. I wanted to write a sentence for you, but then I remembered this song, and it said it for me.

2. You are my favorite girl, and you can't speak for yourself, which is why I will always try to speak for you, with your best interests in mind.

3. I really, truly miss our nights of dancing better than everyone else, during and prior to, drunken debauchery.

4. It will all work out sweetheart, because you love him, and he loves you.

5. Yours, was the first and only tour bus I was ever on, and all I did was drink Pilsner and play cribbage.

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