Jun 26, 2007

Dear Molly....

Dear Molly Magoo,

It's a good thing you're cute as a button, otherwise, you'd be getting an eviction notice. Mommy needs to sleep, and does not appreciate you smacking at her eyeballs, and eating her toes, while she is away in DreamLand.

I think that it is time for you to learn to sleep through the night, and not only when Mommy is away at work. Maybe you could spend your days chasing butterflies and birds, so you were tired out come Mommy's bedtime.

Also, your incessant crying, is getting to be a bit over-dramatic. You are a cat. You have food and water and toys and love. You get to eat my hair everyday, and your friend Trance is always up for a good wrestle and a chase through the living room. Life ain't so bad, sweetheart.

Love you lots, but you're making me crazy,

Mommy Magoo

P.S. The bathroom is not a vortex that is going to take me off to another dimension, never to return. So just chillax a wee bit.

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