Jun 11, 2007

One Night in Wilkie

I spent last night and today in the bustling metropolis of Wilkie, Saskatchewan.

A co-worker and I signed up for a one day workshop that was being hosted there on the topic of Sensory Processing Disorder, in the hopes that we would be given some new ideas and information to bring back to the agency, and to help some of our residents. It was a great workshop, and I got what I wanted from it.

But the one thing that was worth the almost 5 hour drive, was walking into our motel room and seeing the sign posted at left. Being a smoker, I immediately looked to see if it was a smoking room. Of course, it wasn't, but I laughed, no I howled with laughter, when I saw this sign. What kind of people stay in this small town motel room? What has happened in here in the past, that they were forced to post this sign? What exactly is "etc.", and were we in danger of getting caught smoking it?

Although we weren't planning on smoking any contraband in our motel room, we were hoping we could go and rock out at the small town bar, but being quite late on Sunday night when we arrived, we were out of luck, and just hung out at the motel, and were good little girls, who don't go out and get drunk before an important conference that was being paid for by our agency. Yep, that had to be a first for me.

But, it was a good time all around. I needed a good road trip, full of AC/DC and Guns 'n' Roses blasting from the rental car stereo, and it was good to get away from The City, and hit the highway, if only for a day.

I just wanted to keep on driving all the way to my own small town, on the other side of the province from where we were, and stay there and wait for my friends to meet me in a couple weeks out at the lake for the camping. Maybe I should have.

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