Jun 23, 2007

Day 90 and Beyond

I have had a couple of readers ask me about Day 90, and how the healing is going. I had forgotten about my little psychological experiment, and had to go back to my day planner, and see exactly when it was. I am now on Day 119, so we'll say that considering I forgot about Day 90 completely, I'm doing okay.

Thanks to fantastic friends who put up with my constant depression and over-analyzing, and a couple of hot flings that are now over and done with, the healing was as quick as I could make it. Sure, my blood still boils a bit and I get a little sad, when I see certain photos, or hear certain stories, or think of certain events, but overall, I'm good, and am over that hump, and have accepted the fate of the relationship.

Before I sat down to write this entry today, I was perusing my email accounts, and came across the first email I ever received from him. It was sweet and funny and awkward, and it made me smile. I didn't feel sad, I didn't feel lonely, I didn't pine for him. I felt happy, in a way. Thankful for the boy who hunted me down and stole my heart.

My days were once spent wondering and thinking about him and his new girlfriend, and all of my faults and mistakes. That is no more, and I didn't even realize it until today. Now, my days are spent in the sunshine, daydreaming about camping and beach days. I am pining for a good laugh with my many wonderful friends whenever I am not with them. I have other things to worry about now, like getting a new car, doing the best I can at my job, and finding the time to sit down with a bottle of wine, and write music.

It's summertime, and life is good, as it always is when the weather is warm.

And on that note, I hear that it's beer o'clock, so I am going to get dressed and get back outside and sit in the backyard until the sun moves to the other side of the house, at which point, I will walk downtown and find my glorious friends, who will no doubt, already be half-cut, and laughing in the sunshine.

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