Jun 6, 2007

Martha, Martha, Martha

Because I have a strange habit of always needing to use the second stall in every public bathroom, this wee bit of graffiti has been driving me mad for months.

Every time I use the washroom at The Pub, I close the door to the stall, and am faced with this nonsensical sentence. I read it over and over, and end up leaving the bathroom, wanting to track down Martha W, whoever she is, and punch her right in the face. The line runs over and over in my head..."Martha W was here, I was *gibberish* I don't drink beer."

What the fuck were you trying to say Martha? If it was so important that you just had to write it on the bathroom wall, why couldn't you have written legibly?

I need to know what this says. I don't want to end up being committed to the Funny Farm one day, rocking back and forth in my chair, chanting that sentence over and over, and plotting the grisly death of Martha W. I'm sure she's a nice person, and I don't want some crazy nut (I mean, me) going after her like that.


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