Aug 15, 2007

I am so Nice...N-I-C-E!

I'm starting to get a big ego over here. First, I was awarded with the Power of Schmooze, and now, I have been honored for my niceness.

Madame Diva may not know it, but throughout life, I have been told numerous times how frickin' bitchy I am. I can be a bitch, and I know it. But I like to think of myself as a stand-up good person, and it is a very warm and fuzzy feeling to hear that someone thinks the same. This is what The Diva had to say about me:

"....because she makes me feel loved and wanted and i like to feel loved and wanted. Also, she is very talented sewer lady... uhm.. no, not SEWER lady... SEW-er in sewing machines."

It's true. I'll toot my own horn here and confirm the fact that I want everyone I know, to know how special they are, and how much I love and adore them. I try and tell them that every single day.

What else makes me nice? Well, I don't know really. I don't push old ladies, or put kittens in the dryer, or steal candy from babies. Even though I threaten to sometimes, I don't run over pedestrians with my car, or rear-end the elderly for driving too slow. I love hugs and kisses and high-fives. Yup, I'm good people.

You know who else is good people? These guys. Well, these girls. I nominate them for the "Nice Matters" Award of '07.

Knuckle Toes - She puts up with me. She makes me feel like I am talented, and tells me so. Because she's my sista, and my friend and my business partner in crime. She's just a doll.

PocketBuddha- You don't really know her yet in the blogosphere, but believe me, she's a nice lady. She brought me fruit and trail mix and good conversation throughout Folk Fest last weekend, and that alone proves how darn nice she is.

That Girl Who Blogs Stuff- I just want to hug her to death every time I see her. She's got a beautiful smile, and knows how to use her ears. She hardly even knows me yet, but I get the feeling that she actually cares about me. And I care about her.

Congratulations to the winners! Go ahead and brag about your award all around town, but don't lord it over everyone, because that's not so nice.

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