Aug 28, 2007

Family Values.

I have a huge family. Unlike some people, I have been raised to be close to not just my immediate family, but the whole lot of them, from aunts and uncles, to third cousins, friends and neighbors of said family, and all the wonderful people that have married into (and gotten out of) our clan over the years. Both my mom and dad's families are quite large, and are friends with one another, and have been for many, many years. This has always made for huge family gatherings, and as well has taught me to welcome and love everyone I meet into my heart and my home. It has also taught me to always have booze and food and extra pillows on hand, because you never know when someone is going to need a place to stay, a shoulder to cry on, or a good laugh.

Over the past few years, when family was not so close at hand, I learned to lean on my friends. Instead of calling on mom and dad, or calling a cousin, I called on my homies. We partied, we laughed, we cried, we learned to look out for each other. In the past year or so, the number of people I consider close friends has sky-rocketed. Our little group of regulars at The Pub has blossomed to the size of a Ukrainian wedding. When in need of a night out, or a shoulder to lean on, each one of us has 45 people we can count on to be there in a flash. Some of us are closer to each other than others, some only come out to play once in awhile, but we're all there for each other, no matter what. These people are now my extended family, and it just keeps on growing. New sisters, mothers, brothers, drunken uncles, ex-husbands, what have you, they all have their role in my life.

When you have so many people in your life that you love, it can get tiring. Lately, I have been tired from all the fun, and have not really had the energy to entertain, or be out and about. I needed a break from the social scene. It's been one crazy summer.

But then, on the same day, I heard the news that one of the extended family of friends is expecting another, and shortly after heard the sad news from my mother, who is also not doing so well at the moment, that I had lost a very dear cousin, and after a one day pity party for myself, I crawled out of bed this morning and I snapped myself out of it. I need to be on my game, in case anyone needs me. I want to be that person that people know they can count on to be there for them. I have family that needs me right now, and I'm going to do whatever I can to be there for them, make them comfortable, and give them a laugh.

There is no reason for solo pity parties, when I can lean on everyone around me, and count on them to give me the strength to get through a really tough week.

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