Aug 20, 2007

How To Kick A Cold's Ass In Seven Easy Steps.

I could feel it coming yesterday. Stuffy/runny nose, phlemy cough, sore throat. I knew that I would wake up today with a full on head cold. Maybe it was sitting in the hot tub on Saturday, and then hopping out into the cold air, or maybe it was running around in lingerie all of Friday night that brought the germs out to play. Who knows. All I know is, that I am sick, and it can't last more than today, because I have better things to do in life than blow my nose every thirty seconds. Like be productive at work, and get the house ready for my mom's visit this week.

So, I've gotten down to the business of kicking this colds ass.

First, I slept in. I hear that sleep is good for healing.

Secondly, I chugged back a cup of super hot java, to burn the phlegm right out of my throat.

Next, I took some Daytime Cold Relief tablets, and all the vitamins I could find. I don't think I've taken any vitamins since the beginning of July.

The fourth thing I did, was go outside. Fresh air seems to open up those nasal cavities.

Step #5 - Green Tea with lemon and honey, baby. And lots of it.

And then, I made some homemade chicken and rice soup. Scrumptious.

On the seventh step, I chose to rest, before taking a hot shower and getting ready to drag my butt to work.

I feel better already. When I arrive home tonight, I will take more drugs, and drink a Hot Toddy, and hope that all will be well tomorrow. No germ is gonna keep me down, no way, no how, not now.

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