Aug 7, 2007

Good Times and Procrastination

I'm not kidding, this summer really has been kicking royal ass. It is only half-over and I have already added it to my list of "Greatest Summer's Ever" in the ol' memory bank. However, it has apparently kicked my ass a bit as well, or possibly, it was just the past weekend of fun and games and drinking and laughing and not sleeping out at The Lake that did me in.

I actually stayed home tonight, for the second time in a month. I planned for it all day Monday. I fought the urge to head to The Pub after work today, all day. It almost killed me, not to go and laugh and drink with friends that I haven't seen since last week when I headed out camping. I had good intentions. I was going to go home after work, finish unloading and putting away my camping gear, and sit down and work my ass off all night at the sewing machine, and get ready for the Folk Festival this coming weekend.

I did come home after work. I cracked a leftover camping beer and headed to my bedroom. I surfed the InterWeb, and planned my evening. Then I fell asleep.

Five hours later, I awoke to the sounds of my stomach growling, and Nancy Grace and her posse debating whether Britney Spears should lose custody of her children or not, given her tendencies to feed her sons Doritos and soda pop. I rolled over, and fought the urge to just keep on sleeping until morning, forcing myself to wake up and do something productive.

Productivity in the wee hours of the morning has so far consisted of eating a tuna sandwich, loading the dishwasher with dirty camping dishes and driving 2 blocks to the Petro-Can to buy cigarettes, because I was too lazy to walk. None of these activities are helping me get prepared for the Folk Fest. Sheesh.

The downside to having the best summer ever, is the fact that my work, sewing and otherwise, is really cutting into my party time. I have become lazy and somewhat irresponsible, and only care about having fun.

And my goodness, I have no problem with that. I haven't been this happy with myself, and with my life, in years, if ever. All this fun, and all my good times with my wonderful gaggle of friends, has boosted my confidence, and has basically obliterated all the stress of the months prior, and I couldn't be happier at this point in time.

I'll get my butt in gear, and I will be ready for the weekend, because I'm me, and I work better under intense pressure. And as soon as this festival is over, I'm going back to being the big bad party animal, because summer is only so long, and I'm not going to waste a single moment of it.

Not only is summer too short, but so is life, so you might as well enjoy the fuck out of it.

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