Aug 23, 2007

Not to Alarm Y'all But......

It smells like Autumn. I haven't seen the sun in a few days, and that makes it look like Winter. The cold winds that shoot right through you in the evening, sure as hell make it feel like Fall.

I took a hot shower for the first time in months, so I could warm up. I don't feel bad about laying in bed all day, and I don't believe that I am missing out on much down on The Pub patio. I actually feel like doing things around the house. I am starting to think about how cute my scarf and knit hat will look with my green army jacket. I worry about the fact that I don't own any socks, or long sleeve shirts. I want to curl up and watch a movie, under a big poofy blanket. I am craving red wine, instead of beer.

Dammit, it can't be happening already.

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