Feb 8, 2005

Before you go off and follow your bliss, give me a Tylenol.

I was going to write about my adventures from last night, but I have decided that enough people already know what an asshole I can be when I'm drunk, and I don't think that you readers need to hear about it. I want you to like me. But for you Nosey Nosersons, in short, I got really drunk, really fast. Actually had a good night( and afternoon) at the Pub with schmutzie, Cookeroo and her mom, GQ, CG and a few other friends and strangers who came to our table throughout the evening. I was in a great mood until I went home with B-Rock, then had a couple more beers. Those beer made me tired, cranky and I honestly can't remember what I said, I just know that GQ and B-Rock said I was being mean, so I probably was. The next thing I know, I'm talking to Cookeroo on the phone at 3am, and I wake up with the headache to end all headaches, still holding the phone. Thankfully I remembered to hang up before I cuddled up to it, but unfortunatly, it rang into my throbbing head, and that wasn't the best wake up call to get, I tell ya. All I can say is OUCH!

As usual, after my hangover from hell started to subside, I had to ask myself.....why in the world do we think it's a good idea to go and get so shitfaced in the middle of the week? It doesn't happen that often anymore, the whole lot of us has calmed down a tad in our older age. But it's inevitable, it will happen again in a few weeks.

When I was younger, I partied alot as well. But when the bar closed, or the party was over, I just went home to bed.That's it, that's all. I knew when to stop. Nowadays, when the party is over, we start another party. Maybe we don't want to go home? Are we trying to prove that we are still youthful and full of piss and vinegar? Or maybe, we just have such a damn good time together, that we never want the good times to end? I don't know, but I'm wearing thin, and these nights of debauchery could lead me to an early grave, if I don't start pacing myself. Not that I will actually calm down. I've already forced myself into only leaving the house 2 nights a week, I can't cut back much more, I'd go insane. I need my socialization fix. It's like a cheap drug.

Maybe all this irresponsibility stems from the fact that my generation is helplessly lost. Aside from a small handful of 20-somethings that I know, the majority of people under 35, have no idea what they are doing. We were raised by Baby Boomer parents, who were raised by a generation of hard-working, Depression era folk, who told them to go to school, get a job, buy a house, have kids, get a dog, and do the same old thing, day after day, until they died. It's what adults were supposed to do. But our parents, didn't want to tell us what to do. Sure, they want us to have all of the above, and they want that for themselves, but I think they held a Baby Boomer meeting in the late 70's and decided that they wouldn't force they're children into doing anything, they would teach them to follow their bliss. Sounds great in theory, to be COOL parents. So that's what they did. They let us follow our own path. Unfortunatly, for the majority of us, we are now adults; we don't own homes or cars, we're single, if we have kids, they are illegitimit, we have degrees in things that really won't get us anywhere, unless we meet the right employer at the right time, and to top it all off, we really don't have a freaking clue what we want to do with our lives anyway. Do we want to get married? Do we want kids? Do we want to travel? Will we ever get a good enough job in order to settle down? Makes me think, maybe this "follow your bliss" idea isn't all it's cracked up to be. I think a whole bunch of us could do with a slap in the face, and some good old " you'll do what I tell you to do or else" from mom and dad.

I don't know, maybe it's just me, and the people I hang around with, but I don't think so. I've been around. I've seen the lost 20-somethings all over the place. Sitting in pubs, around the globe, complaining to their mates, that they don't know what to do with their lives, and they're sick of the rut they are in. So they order another pint, sing some songs, and start again the next day. Maybe that's what bliss is. *************************************

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