Feb 22, 2008

Bunny and Cat

Last night was one of the most insanely chaotic nights of work I have ever had. So this morning, when I finally arrived home, I just felt I needed to take photos of the bunny to relax myself a bit.

He was acting so darn cute, I just had to give him some Craisins, which to a bunny, are somewhat like crack. When I ran out, he actually started slapping and scratching at my hand, and then ran away to eat his litter. Apparently that's what junky bunnies do.

Trance the Cat was not impressed that I wasn't playing with her, and came over to "mip mip" at me, and give me what for.

Even after I payed some attention to her, she was still being a bag, so I threatened her with a bath, and she stopped bitching and started purring, and now we're all heading off to bed, because I have been awake for more than twenty four hours.

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