Jul 23, 2007

It is Too Hot to Be at This Computer, So Here's a Quick List

10 Things That Made This Weekend Kick Royal Ass

1. Taking my mom out to The Pub to meet my friends!

2. Getting to visit with Yeldarb and Schmeed and Army Jeff!

3. Gorging at the Super Happy Fun buffet!

4. Super spontaneous day trip to MJ, just 'cause we didn't know what else to do with our Saturday!

5. Spending too much money on a beautiful new hippie dress when I was supposed to be in the shop to buy ice cream!

6. Hunting for fish and chips, and then settling for tacos.

7. Lazing at the beach all day Sunday!

8. Relaxing pints on Sunday evening, to re-cap the weekend.

9. Getting to bed early last night, even if it was only because of the heat stroke.

10. The fact that I crammed drinking, 2 road trips, numerous visits with out-of-towners that I love, shopping, flirting and a whole lot more into one weekend, while in the company of my fantabulous friends.

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