Jul 9, 2007

Dear Monday,

Last night, I was hoping that you would never arrive, and that I could just continue on drinking and laughing in the back yard, like I had been doing for the 48 hours prior to your arrival. However, after I awoke this afternoon, after a cool, comfortable sleep, I realized that I needed you to show up, and send me back to work. Sure, holidays and days off are fun, but if you don't have something to do once in awhile, you just don't feel like you've earned those days off, and all that fun.

Or maybe that's just me.

I may as well go back to work today, and be productive. It's raining, and the heat wave of the past week seems to be taking a break. Good timing on Nature's part, I say....I think that if it hadn't been raining when I woke up, I would have been trying to find a reason not to go back to work.

Yup, so here I am. One more hour, and my holidays are over. Think I'm going to drink some coffee, and reflect on the wonderful weekend that has just past, while praying for a hot day on Wednesday, when I will grab a book, a coffee, and hit the back patio once again.



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