Jul 18, 2007

The Golden Dogs!!!

I had been looking forward to this show for months. Well, ever since the last time they were going to play at The Pub, and they were sadly sent away, for reasons I will not discuss here.

But luckily, fences were mended, and they were asked to come back and play, and they accepted!

The Golden Dogs put on the best show The Pub has seen since Priestess played there years ago, in my opinion. High energy, catchy Sloan-like beats, a sexy talented lady banging on her keyboard and classic rock guitar riffs kept everyone singing and dancing and bopping around. I couldn't stop frickin' smiling and moving from the second they went on, and considering I was almost falling asleep on the patio after a day at the beach, that says a lot.

I loved it so much, I am now considering driving all the way to Ness, just to see them play again this weekend.....but if that doesn't pan out, I am just going to cross my fingers, and hope that they had as much fun as the crowd had, and return to The Pub sooner than later.

These kids are going to be big, and when they are, I'll be first in line to actually pay for a ticket.

Keep on rockin' in the free world, Golden Dogs!!

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