Jan 4, 2009

Hello 2009! Where's My Hover Board?

Well, it is 2009. We're not living on Mars or The Moon, and none of my friends have flying cars or hover boards yet, so I'm guessing this year will be about the same as the last few, globally. Which is okay, because I must admit, I have a phobia of moving to Mars, and having to fly through space in a rocket ship. And, I'm afraid of heights, so my car best be stayin' on the ground.

I never in a million years thought that this year would be so big for me. If you had asked me at 27 what I thought 2009 would bring, I must admit, I thought it was going to be exactly the same as 2007 and 2008.

In 2009, I am turning thirty. I am getting married. I will be planning for children, a trip to Thailand with Smyrish, a trip to Europe with Wench. It will be a mish-mash of what I believe to be married plans, and free-spirited single girl plans, and I just hope I can do it all with some class, sanity, and a smile.

And, boy, am I excited. It sure is nice to have things to look forward to!

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