Jan 17, 2009

Grace in Small Things #6

1. Even though I stayed up way too late for no reason, I feel rested today.

2. I think it helped that I got to hang out with Schmutzie and Pocket Buddha for a few minutes before I went to bed.

3. My brain is feeling creative, and I just might hit the craft store today.

4. I don't have to work today, or tomorrow. You "working-for-the-weekend" types may not understand why this is so wonderful, because you always get weekends off. I do not, and am grateful when I do.

5. Instructables is awesome, and just killed half of my morning.

6. There isn't much housework to do today. Phew!

7. I have lost another 4 pounds. So that totals 10 lost pounds in a month. Not that you can tell, but whatever.

8. Smyrish moved the cardboard out of the hallway.

9. It is not -50C today. At this moment, it is a summery -8C, and I am told it will warm up even more. Who wants to hit the beach?

10. My moccasins are my new best friend. Thank you, Knuckle Toes!

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