Jan 26, 2009

Finally, I'm Thirty.

My birthday party was an absolute blast.

I got presents, and cupcakes, kisses and hugs, free drinks, and got to visit, and dance and sing with my whole gaggle of friends. We pretty much filled both bars we hit, and it was just wonderful to see everyone, and to see them have a good time.

The day didn't start out well. I was dreading my party, and the surprises that Smyrish was planning for me. I don't do well with surprises...I'm a control freak, and like to plan everything myself. I was better the second I walked into The Pub. No one embarrassed me, they just made me laugh, with custom made buttons and an 8 foot tall cardboard cut out of The Unknown Poet, whom I wished could be with me, but couldn't.

Thanks to everyone who was there for the presents, the surprises and the love.

You sure made me feel special, and helped me prove to myself than I can still party like it's 1999.

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Schmutzie said...

I am so behind in my feedreader that I just read this post NOW.

That was a good birthday.