Apr 1, 2007

Thank You For The Music.....

"We can dance if we want to,
We can leave your friends behind.
'Cause your friends don't dance and if they don't dance,
Well they're no friends of mine."

Well, judging from the pain that my body is now in, I'll say it was a good weekend. I danced so much last night, that I seriously think I popped my hip out of place, all the muscles in my body are stiff and sore , and my legs are covered in mysterious bruises, which are most likely from the emo kids who like to kick their legs backward while they bop around in slow motion on the dance floor. I stayed up way, way, way too late with CP, and got up way too early. I no longer feel like dry-heaving, thanks to the greasy supper that Delores and I devoured at Trifon's, and am confident that I will get a good nights sleep tonight for the first time in days. Cousin Mike is back safe and sound, and most likely as hungover as I am, in ToonTown, and I'm watching the Juno's wishing I had been able to go with him and check out the Juno parties.My saving grace today, is the cable that the most wonderful V-Man has hooked up in my bedroom (200 channels, holy lick!), so I can say I did more than just lay in bed today and stare at the wall, wondering if I should let out that fart, just in case it turned out to be a shit.

Although I stayed up much too late, and drinking wine at home before going to the bar to drink beer wasn't the greatest idea I had in my life, I am so glad I went out last night, and cut loose. My body may be sore, but my mind seems clearer and my thoughts more positive. I needed to get out there, and shake my booty, and sweat like a pig for a few hours. I let off some steam, I regained some confidence, recieved a couple of nice ego boosts,and smiled my face off all night.

So thanks to my DJ for the music,and thanks to the people that joined me in some good clean fun on the dance floor. I really needed last night to happen, I just didn't realize how much until now.

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