Apr 25, 2007


I have become a regular reader of Dawn, over at Dawnzer Lee- Light, and she is involved in the "interview a blogger" game, and I just had to hop on board. Basically, one blogger asks another blogger five questions, and they answer them. If anyone wants to join in, just email me, and I'll ask you five questions. The following are the five questions that she has asked me, and I've tried to answer.

1. How old are you? Have you ever lied about your age?

I am twenty-eight. I haven't lied about my age since I was a teenager, and was going to bars in Manitoba underage, or pulling beer for my other underage friends in Saskatchewan. Ah, the days before photo ID was mandatory.....
However, I was tempted the other night, to lie about how old I was, when I was hanging out with a nice strapping young lad, and he revealed that he was only 22. He thought I was 24. I thanked him for being blind, and then came clean and said that I was in fact, 28. He grimaced for a second, and then said, "Oh, that's not that old. At least you look really young." Burn.

2. If you could have a romance with any fictional character, who would it be?

Hmmm...I don't know of anyone that I would want to have an actual romance with, but there are a few characters that a nice spring fling would be fun. A couple of characters that come to mind are Ed Bloom from Big Fish, and Dean Moriarty from On The Road, although I guess he is a real person.

3. If you were permanently exiled from your country - and you could choose to live in any other country which one would you choose?

Wow, I have to choose just one country? I can't travel around and see where I fit in best? No? Oh geez, decisions, decisions. Well, if I was fluent in Francais, I would say France. If I had to continue leading a relatively normal life, and say, have a job, a house, etc, I'd be off to Scotland. If I was truly exiled, and the instructions were to stay away from all civilization, I'd just have to look at the map, and find a nice, remote tropical island to go to, where I could live off of fruit, wear nothing but a sarong, and have a pet monkey.

4. If you could choose any musician or music group to play at your birthday party who would you choose?

Since I'd want to dance on my birthday, and I like to get funky, I would have to say Stevie Wonder, with Prince as the opening act.

5. What are you wearing right now? :-)

Brown yoga pants, green tank top, strapless black bra, and of course, my spectacles, as if I were not, I would not be able to type at this computer.

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