May 22, 2005

May Long Wisdom

May Long Weekend. It's maybe even more predictable than New Year's Eve, when it comes down to how much fun you are going to have, how the weather is going to be. Everyone gets so excited about it, but usually it's a big let-down, because you put too much pressure on the fun factor, and one of your friends usually falls in a fire, or gets picked up for drunk driving. This year, I opted out of all the May Long Weekend activities of year's past, because a) I knew the weather was going to be shit on Saturday, but would warm up today or tomorrow, when I had to head back to the city and b) I chose to work all weekend, and then make everyone work for me on July Long Weekend, when Thee Big Ol' Camping Trip of Chaos is going to happen. I thought it was a grand plan.

I can honestly say that the past week has been totally forgettable. There are hardly any details worth mentioning, and I really have zero stories to tell. But hey, you have to have weeks like these, in order to appreciate the fun-filled ones to come. Even fun can be boring when you're having it all the time!
However, since I know that I have friends that can never find me, and like to find out what's going on with me, here are the only things I remember from the past 7 days.

Sunday -- Came in third at Pub Trivia. Got a free beer coupon.

Monday --I do not recall anything happening on Monday at all. There isn't anything in my day planner to help me remember either.

Tuesday -- Day from Hell. Work, taking people to appointments, bitchy hormonal staff meeting, then out for beers. It was raining, and I got many compliments on my umbrella. Met some guy who was with the Queen's Honor Guard, think his name was Duncan.

Wednesday -- Fuck all. Went to work, most likely came home and played Scrabble Online.

Thursday -- Left work and headed straight to the Pub, thinking I was going to have a spanktastic time. There was nobody there to hang out with. Used my beer coupon from Sunday, and headed home.

Friday -- B-Rock picked me up after work, and we headed downtown. A good chunk of people I was hoping to see had just left, but thankfully there were other friends, who graciously let us share their picnic table. Schmutzie was wearing spectacular shoes, and everyone was in good spirits. B-Rock and I headed back to my place. While sitting on the front stoop having a cigarette, we noticed 2 big dogs running down the sidewalk, side by side. They were smiling ( I swear ), and one of them looked right B-Rock right in the eye. They ran past, and then disappeared right before my eyes. I couldn't stop talking about the "ghost dogs", and B-Rock had once again received confirmation that I was crazy.

Saturday -- Walked home from work in the pouring rain. My umbrella was of no use to me. The warranty on my umbrella that we were all laughing about on Tuesday, is missing. Fucking thing flipped inside out in the rain and broke. That's what I get for making fun of the ridiculous warranty.....ah well, as I realized on Tuesday, it would be cheaper and quicker just to go and buy a new one if need be! My evening consisted of waiting for pizza, eating pizza and SNL. Fell asleep instead of heading over to Dynomite and Cookeroo's place.

And well, here we are at today. I was supposed to work at midnight tonight, but due to some last minute schedule shuffling, I have the evening off. B- Rock just called from the campground office, ( I was staring at the phone thinking, "What the hell is my dad calling me from work for?"...hehehe) and our Canada Day plans are set in motion and the site is booked!! As far as I know, everyone I know already has plans, or is out of town, so I'm going to make a couple calls to people I never see, and head downtown, with a book, and let adventure find me. As B-Rock says, I seem to have more adventure when I'm left on my own. Which is true. I do great on my own. Reading a book in a public place peaks people's interest, and you start to talking, and you start to drinking, and the next thing you know, you've got stories to tell.

Have a great May Long everyone, and all you youngsters, please attempt to treat our provincial parks with respect. Leave the picnic tables where they are, drink your booze from plastic, solid colored cups, keep the music turned down, and stay out of trouble.

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