Dec 1, 2008

Grace in Small Things #2

Today sucked. Not for any particular reason, it just sucked in general. It was too busy, I was too tired and grouchy, I was jealous that Smyrish got to party in Toon Town and see NIN, even though I'm the one who sent him there,and I had no ambition to take advantage of a night at home alone and do something just for me.


I recieved a free pizza from Pizza Hut, because they sent me the wrong one. Now I have 2 pizza's!

I am on call, and nobody has called me.

The wedding plans are coming together.

Smyrish at least called and told me he wasn't coming home tonight, so I don't have to stay up all night worrying.

There wasn't a pile of dishes to do when I got home.

It is the first of December, and the snow is actually melting, and it smells like Spring.

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