Dec 11, 2008

Grace in Small Things #3

1. I'm sitting here planning my wedding and a trip to Thailand.

2. After losing 15 games a row on Wordbiz, I won one, and good.

3. I already have my booze for the Gals Christmas Bash on Saturday night.

4. The apartment is getting cleaner and cleaner everyday.

5. CBC noticed my bags, and they want to put me on the TV.

6. The Christmas Chaos is almost planned, and should work out well. I should hopefully get to see a little bit of everybody this year.

7. I lost 6 pounds.

8. My eczema seems to be clearing up a bit.

9. I got to play and cuddle tonight with the kitty Smyrish and I rescued, since I'm pet sitting for Film Star.

10. My Christmas shopping is almost finished.

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