Sep 25, 2008

5 on the 25 - Thinking of You Edition

1. I will always remember the stories you told, your dirty jokes and how excited you were showing me your photos from Churchill after I had been there. You were one of the only people that understood why I liked it up there so much. I am in shock. I'll miss you, Wally.

2. Your house was the coolest house I have ever been in. Period. So many places to play and hide. Neener and I always had so much fun having sleepovers at your house, because it was never dull...and there was always good food!

3. I know in my heart you would have really loved Smyrish. I'm sure you and he would be traipsing about, going shopping at the dump, talking about your never ending projects, while mom and I rolled our eyes at you both. Every day, he does something that reminds me of you in some way, which is I think is one reason why I love him so much. Oh, and just so you know, yes, he can change his own oil and he likes to fish. ;)

4. I was driving through Chamberlain the other day, and thought of you. It was so strange, how I got to see you, and catch up with you out of the blue, after all those years.....and then to find out a few hours later that you were gone....I still can't find the words. You had so many plans.....

5. You, were an ass. But I adored you anyways. All the trouble you got in to, and dragged me in to from time to time. Saying inappropriate things to me all the live long day, and yet, you were one of my closest friends. When push came to shove, you watched out for me. I wish I hadn't lost contact with you, but I had changed, and you were changing for the worse. You lived such a tragic life, I wasn't shocked when I heard the news, but I was shocked at how much I cried for you. That was the saddest day.

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