Oct 2, 2008

First Class Fitness

As summer came to a close, I thought to myself, "Self, you are a fat pig, your self-esteem sucks bananas, and you need to do something just for you, that isn't at home and is far from the group home." I listened to myself, and brought out The City's guide to all things fun, and decided to pick out a couple classes I would take.

I do this every year, and never actually attend anything. Mostly due to my rotating work schedule, which never guarantees me the same day off each week. This year, I have been blessed with the ability to make my own schedule, so when I saw the "First Time Fitness" class listing, I decided that Wednesday nights were for me, and work could suck it.

I picked this class, because I have always been afraid to go and workout by myself. Gyms terrify me, because one, I never see any fat people in them, and two, I don't know how to use any of the equipment. This class, of 12 women, and one personal trainer, was made just for people like me. Each week, we get to try something new, learn how to use all the machines, drop-in at spin, belly-dance and aquacise, and in the end, hopefully each of us will find something we love, and can stick to, to get healthy.

Last night I had my second class. Before we could exercise, each of us had to tell the group our personal fitness goals. I didn't have any. I was supposed to write them down, and I couldn't think of anything except, " Lose weight" and "Get enough confidence to go there by myself this winter." Apparently, I wasn't the only one. Everyone in the class has the same weight and confidence issues that I have. All of us are stressed from working and taking care of people in our lives and never doing anything for ourselves. We're a big group of pleasers, who aren't exactly pleased with our lives. It made all of us feel better to get that out, and know that we weren't the only ones.

I'm really going to like this class, and I'm glad I found it. I need to be around some new people, and do something different all on my own, and if I can get in shape at the same time, that'll be awesome.

After starting this class, I'm really excited about the four Friday nights that are coming up, when Knuckle Toes and I are taking a Burlesque Workout class. By then I should be comfortable enough at the Fieldhouse, and it'll all just be for fun, and will keep me out of the bar for at least 4 weekends, which isn't a bad thing.

So ya, after all this time, I'm finally doing something for me and my health. And it sure feels good.


savia said...

My bellydance teacher is teaching your burlesque class.

I'm taking her Monday night burlesque class, too! Maybe we could start our own group :)

Anonymous said...

I hate that you feel that way about yourself, but I can totally identify! I'm glad you found something you enjoy- you've inspired me to look into our local fitness classes.