Oct 22, 2008

My Day, in a Nut Shell. ( Look! I'm in a nut shell!)

1. Wake up to phone ringing. It is the boss, so I answer it. Hilarity does NOT ensue.

2. Decide to get up and make coffee, because I cannot fall back to sleep. Spill old slimy coffee grinds on arm and floor.

3. Watch Law & Order, hoping that it will motivate me to do something productive.

4. It doesn't. So I watch "Without a Trace."

5. Wonder when Smyrish is coming home, because I'm lonely.

6. Clean the bathroom. Wash the dishes. Attempt to move bed back to where it was before sexy time last night. Hurt my arm in the process and give up.

7. More coffee, and a couple cigarettes.

8. Check email. Nothing important. Find that nobody in cyber space loves me except Wench. :)

9. Find out that "Hairspray" is sold out. Purchase tickets to 54-40 instead.

10. Smyrish comes home, and I forget to tell him about 54-40.

11. He tells me that my car was towed this morning.

12. Temper tantrum begins to erupt.

13. We go to City Hall, and protest our tickets, and try to find out where my car is. They don't know.

14. We track down my car, and go back to City Hall.

15. Smyrish informs me that we had a Scrabble date tonight that I completely forgot about. I feel like an arse.

16. When we get home, we find a stray kitten. The neighbor and caretaker give us food and litter, so we can look after her. We all fall in love. She's fucking awesome, and I want to keep her.

17. Because of all the City Hall bullshit, I don't have time to make the lovely dinner I had planned to make, but I improvise, and we eat.

18. Off to fitness class! Thankfully, that went well, and it was a great time!

19. Somewhere in the hour I was at my class I forgot (again) about the Scrabble date, and that I was supposed to meet Wench to give her money back to her that she gave me, so I could purchase her a ticket to "Hairspray".

20. Again, hilarity does not ensue.

21. I get called in to work. The midnight staff is not going to show up. I agree to come in. Luckily, because of this, I do not have to work a 16 hour day tomorrow, as was previously scheduled. However, because I have to go to bed, I am for sure missing the Scrabble date. Bad Abigail!

22. I finally shower for the first time in 2 days, have half a glass of wine, and I wash the dishes again. I tell my sob story to the new kitty and Pocket Buddha.

23. I have a quick pity party, then get some sleep before work, and pray that tomorrow things will be better, and I won't have the memory of a goldfish.

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