Sep 9, 2008

Election Rant

Bah, elections.

I used to get all up-in-arms when it was election time. I'd always be up for a big discussion, whether it be about bashing one guy, or how wonderful the other guy was, or how really, they're all just a bunch of douche bags, and what does it matter, really. I urged people to get out and vote, even sent emails to remind people to do so the day before. I thought that really, we could change the world!

Now, I just don't give a fuck. I truly don't. I'm not a fan of our current Prime Minister, and if for some reason he actually gets ousted, I don't think I'll be a fan of whoever comes next. The whole thing is just one big Junior High School popularity contest.

I have been without a television for a while now, so I have been listening to mostly CBC radio and News Talk. Every day, I hear a leader of a political party yap about this and that, and it reminds me of that Family Guy episode where Lois runs for mayor against Adam West. She learns during the debate, that as long as she says "Lower Taxes" and "9/11", people will cheer and think she's the shiznit.

Stephen Harper and Jack Layton have perfected this form of "speech giving", and it is starting to grate on my nerves. All they have to say is:

" No coal tax!"
" The environment!"
" Farmer's rule!"
" Lower GST!"

And everyone cheers, unless they don't agree, in which they will say "Boo-urns!" and complain endlessly at 3pm coffee or beer o'clock.

I will still vote for someone other than Stephen Harper, but I'm just not sure who. I could always vote for the Green Party, but that's a bit of a throw away vote.

I may vote for Jack Layton, based on the fact that I saw him at The Pub a few weeks back, and now know that he enjoys having a few beers with his buddies, and that if there wasn't such a thing as YouTube, he totally would have signed girls' breasts.

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