Sep 2, 2008

Good Labour Day

Labour Day weekend usually marks a time in the year when I start to dread the upcoming Winter, and start thinking of things that are less than Summer-y. I put away the camping gear, drag out the sweaters and start thinking about buying socks and shoes that aren't of the flip-flop variety.

Knuckle Toes and I had, what we thought was our last festival, yesterday. The weather sucked and sales were less than stellar. As she put it at the end of the day, the problem was that there were no teenagers, which seem to be our market. But, it was a good day in the end.

Knuckle Toes introduced me to a wonderful woman she had met at the Ness Creek Festival, and in turn, she introduced us to the organizers of the Field Music Festival near Craik, Saskatchewan. They asked us to come and be vendors at their festival in a couple weeks.

Later in the day, I got to talking to this woman about how Smyrish and I are looking into buying land, and building a straw bale house in the future, and found out that she was actually one of the first developers and organizers of the Craik Sustainable Living Project and Eco-Centre. She was really excited about our idea, and has invited us to come and tour the community while we are at the Field Festival on the 13th and 14th. On top of that, she said that as long as I kept in touch with her, she and her crew would help us build our home, wherever we decided to settle.

So, maybe summer isn't quite over yet. I have one more weekend of camping, selling and socializing to do now, and something to look forward to. And, although I didn't do well when it came to making money yesterday, I did meet some people and learn some new things, and that's priceless, if you ask me.

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