Mar 11, 2008

Abigail's Archives Meme

The bloggiest of all bloggers, my pal Schmutzie, tagged thee in a meme. I was happy to be tagged, as I only have sad, pitiful things to write about today, and it is too darn nice outside to be depressing. Plus, doing this meme gave me a chance to go through my archives a bit, and find some happy posts that made me feel so much better.

The meme's rules:
1. Go through your archives and link to five of your favourite posts that you have written.
· Link one must be a post about family.
· Link two must be a post about friends.
· Link three must be a post about yourself.
· Link four must be a post about something you love.
· Link five can be a post about anything you choose.

2. Tag five other people to do this meme. Two of them must be people you already know so that you can get to know each other better.

Family: A Tribute to Big Bad Bob
Friends: Family Values
Myself: The Hot List, Continued.
Something I love: Camping Trip 2005
Wild card: The Recent Adventures of Abigail, Part One

I tag thee, and do what you want with it:


Madame Diva


Eat, Bitch and Whine

Miss Nicola

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