Nov 28, 2005

The Recent Adventures of Abigail (part two)

well, here’s the rest of the story ( so far)……

November 20th, 2005

Just left Winnipeg. Said good-bye to the gang I met on the train, that are heading up to Churchill, and re-grouped with the Vancouver-ites that are stuck with me for 7 more hours. Have met a lot of interesting and fun people on the train since boarding in Montreal 2 days ago….this train ride is much more fun than the trip out east!

I am totally broke, but yesterday I bought myself some noodles and bread with the last of my money when we stopped in Capreol, so at least I’m not starving to death! The only thing that kind of sucks, is the fact that the arm on my glasses fell off shortly after leaving Montreal, and I’m looking like a total dork, with the arm being held on by a bandaid I got from the information booth at Union Station in Toronto. I wish everyone could be as cool as me..…

I had an amazingly good week in Montreal with Mr. Henry. I know that everyone is going to be wanting details, but I really don’t know what I’m going to tell them, to satisfy their curiousities. It’s almost as if I have this whole other life that I’m starting to live, and it’s so hard to explain to people what’s going on with us, and what’s going through my head, without sounding like an ass. Mr. Henry, without actually saying or doing anything purposefully, has reminded me what makes me happy, and what I had planned for my life…..adventure, travel, writing, fun. The whole kit and caboodle of untraditional living. I feel like my brain is back on track, after a long hiatus.

Anyways, back to our amazing week. We really didn’t do a lot. We really didn’t want to do a heck of a lot anyways. Since both of us had done most site-seeing, touristy things on previous trips to Montreal, we pretty much just meandered about the streets every day, just taking in the city, laughing, talking and making out on street corners (and also disgusting ourselves with our making out in public….neither of us have ever been the type to do such things!) We visited friends of mine, and friends of his, we took in a movie, had a couple really nice meals out, a night of drunkenness at Andrew’s Pub (which we have adopted as our new favorite place to drink), and the rest of the time was pretty much spent in bed, just being sickeningly sweet and cuddly, watching TV. We were perfectly content to just wander about, or lay in bed, just existing with each other. I also realized that he is quite possibly, a male version of me….just a bit older, with more adventure under his belt. No wonder he can put up with my ridiculous little quirks…..he’s got the same ones.

Friday morning was horrible. We woke up in foul moods, knowing that we only had a couple more hours together, and then the universe decided that it was going to fuck with us, and proceeded to throw one little problem after the other our way, for those few precious moments we had left with one another.

And then, just like when I arrived in SmallTown, on the way back from Churchill, we were forced to have a hurried good-bye. He had to run off to his train to NYC, and I was forced to sit at the train station for 2 hours by myself, feeling like shit, trying my best not to have a complete meltdown in front of the hundreds of people in the station. Needless to say, the meltdown happened anyways.I wonder what everyone thought, I wonder if anyone noticed our horribly hurried good-bye and understood my breakdown, or if they just thought, well whatever people think of a strange girl bawling in a train station???? Oh fucking hell, what the hell does it matter anyways? I really can annoy myself with my constant wondering about stupid things! :)

And now what??? Who knows. Mr. Henry wants to get back to Canada ASAP, and I want the same. I guess he’ll come to The City first, but after that, all our plans are up in the air. There isn’t much we can do, until we’re in the same country, in the way of future planning. But, I truly believe that the universe is on our side this time, and eventually, something will work out. There are so many experiences and adventures waiting for two people like ourselves.

Mr. Henry was the exact person, the breath of fresh air, I needed to meet, to get myself out of the rut I felt I was in, and it will take every sensible bone in me to get myself through the winter here, without hopping a plane to go and be with him. Luckily, with some goals in mind, staying put won’t be too hard…I’ve got to start hoarding my pennies for the road ahead.

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