Dec 2, 2005

The Recent Adventures of Abigail (part three)

One night, as I was trying to sleep in Toronto's Union Station, being harassed by mice,wishing that I had more than snack food to eat, and wishing that I hadn't read all my books already, I got to thinking. And writing. So here are my realizations from the road.

Realization #1 - Even though I have the ability to sleep anywhere, no matter how loud or uncomfortable, there is no longer a need to take it to extremes. After this trip is over, I vow never to sleep on a metal bench, the floor of a public transit facility, a creaky hostel bunk bed, ever again. From now on it's first class, sleeper cars, and comfy hotels all the way.

Realization #2 - Realization #1 is a total lie. Although I would love to go first class all the way on future travels, I won't, because I can't afford it, and I have always done things the hard way, for no particular reason. Knowing me, I will spend a good chunk of the rest of my days, sleeping on dirty airport floors and on cold metal benches that give me bruises all along my spine.

Realization #3 - Drinking a gallon of orange juice, does not make up for the fact that I ate an egg McMuffin and 2 greasy, salty hashbrowns. I knew the McDonald's would make me sick, but when faced with my other dining options in Union Station, I had to make a rash decision and hope for the best.

Realization #4 - The last time I washed my hair and did the whole sponge-bath thing in a public washroom, was in 1998, on my way home from BC, after 2 days on the bus. I now recall why I never did that again. It's messy and uncomfortable, and the water never runs warm. Also, after you have used your towel to dry your head, you are forced to pack your now wet towel, back into your pack. Yuck.

Realization #5 - If any of my relatives from Winnipeg or Toronto find out that I have been through town, not once, but twice, and didn't call them, I will be in for some grand lectures. But in my defense, both layovers in Winnipeg totalled about 3-4 hours, and I arrived in Toronto quite late into the night both times as well, and just didn't want to be a bother.

Realization #6 - I should have looked harder for a locker to keep my backpack in for the night. It's ridiculously heavy, and my back is killing me. Plus, it's a pain in the arse to carry it around all over town, when really I just want to run for a coffee or outside for a cigarette.

Realization #7 - This is the first time that I have travelled alone, that I wasn't scared, or nervous, or weary of anything. It is also the first time (well second I guess, if I include Churchill), that my travelling didn't coincide with running away from some issue I didn't feel like dealing with at home.

OK, so I didn't figure out all the secrets of the universe or anything, but at least I learned a little something about myself. And hey, what more could a girl who makes rash decisions ask for?

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