Nov 9, 2005

All That I Need Is The Air That I Breathe...

I promise, I'm working on a wonderful, happy little entry for y'all....but for today, I am being lazy and copying SaviaBella and Politiko.But I don't feel all that bad,as they copy-catted first! :)

It's so simple, go to Google, type in "( your name) needs", and see what comes up in the search.

I must admit that, after reviewing all the "needs" I have posted below, I was a bit weirded out about how right on the money some of them are. Who knew Google knew so much about me?????? Creepy.

Abigail needs a new coat, but her mother has no money and the stores are closed.

Abigail needs an ice-cream cone on a hot day.

Abigail needs money for pens and other random things.

Abigail needs a therapist to help her deal with her rages and fears.

Abigail needs to be at the forefront of her industry.

Abigail needs to have morals that are in-line with what is respectable for a human.

Abigail needs to know what sense of humour works best for her.

Abigail needs to grow up a bit.

Abigail needs a fan club!

Abigail needs all the support she can get right now.

Abigail needs a good hard spanking.

Abigail needs to find a toilet.

Abigail needs to learn the value of commitment.

Abigail needs to have a good stiff drink.

Abigail needs some undivided attention right now.

Abigail needs money, or else she'll have to go back to waitressing, or worse yet, Juan.

Abigail needs to learn more about everything!

Abigail needs a touch of whimsical magic.

Abigail needs to be socialized in order to trust humans.

Abigail needs him, adores him, misses him.

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