Jan 31, 2013

To Do List

1. Quit biting my nails already, for Christ's sakes. They are hideous and it's a disgusting life long habit that needs to be broken.

2. Quit getting fatter, and start getting skinnier.

3. Buy a bathing suit. The see-through one that hangs down to your ankles when it gets wet, just ain't going to cut it if you want to try accomplish #2 up there.

4. Take better care of my hair. It's finally long, let's keep it that way.

5. Quit pulling out my eyebrow hairs when I'm bored.

6. Eat a piece of fruit once in awhile.

7. Make new friends. Laugh with them.

8. Call old friends more often so they don't forget you exist.

9. Use the free pass to yoga that your friend gave you for goodness sakes. It's FREE.

10. All of the above.

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