Nov 12, 2012

Grace in Small Things #75

I'm having one of those days. You know, one of those days where you're both happy and sad all at the same time and every minute is a different emotion. You think all is going good, and then you cry over lost thread, and then have a nice chat with the local hobo and that lifts your spirits, and then you remember you have fertility issues and nobody else around you does and cry again and then there's a funny video on Facebook and it's all sunshine and roses, and you enjoy a few minutes of silence before realizing that all of this is just a big waste of time because you have SO MUCH TO DO and you need to focus because there's SO LITTLE TIME. But really, all I wanna do is sit on my deck in the sunshine and get slammered. Yup, one of those days.

These are the days when GIST is important to me. This is the kind of day when I really need to stop and think and remind myself that life is amazing and I've got it real good.

Man, do I have it good right now, and this is why:

I get to choose to work from home, although I'm not making much money yet, it'll come, and the plan to keep on doing that is working out beautifully so far.

Since I get to work from home, I get to be with my husband and my dogs as much as I want. It makes all of us happy, to be together all day.

My husband is extremely supportive of me, and would rather pay for everything than have me go to a job that drains all my good energy and stresses me out. It was his idea for me to get cracking on starting my own business, and he spends a lot of time helping me out. He amazes me everyday.

As long as the bills are paid, and they always are, we can do whatever we want. We go for daily walks, we go swimming, we go to concerts and movies and karaoke. We do something fun, every single day. Some people just don't have the time for it, but we always make time.

I am looking out my window at the Olympic Mountains and the ocean right now. I can't always see them because of the fog, but today it is sunny and they are there. I love where I live. I love this weird little town, and the nature that surrounds it.

There, that's better. Have a good day, everyone.

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