Dec 13, 2012

Ermahgerd, I Hate Today

You know those days when you wake up early and all hopeful about your future and then some government employee bursts your bubble, poo-poo's all your business ideas and tries to make you into some boring office drone, nobody will listen to you at all and then there aren't any mushrooms in the fridge and you really wanted a mushroom and cheese omelette and then your Internet connection is a pile of shit and not only can you not watch Glee on Netflix, but you can't get photos to upload, and you're trying to post items on Etsy in the hopes that you can make some money, because your bank account is empty and you have to drive two provinces away to visit family and friends who choose to live in a barren frozen wasteland for some reason, but you realize you need a new camera and new light bulbs in your room because without them, your photos fucking suck anyways and there's nothing you can do about it until this business gets off the ground or you go back to working that job that you hate just for the regular paycheck, and then you make your husband mad because you say something not completely untrue but totally exaggerated just cause you're frustrated with life, after he tries to be nice and help you and then you cry into your supper, which really isn't all that good, because you feel like a total asshole and then you get menstrual cramps and somehow your thumb is incredibly sore and there's a weird vein sticking out of it but you have no idea why and there are smudges all over your glasses and you can't get them off, and you just want a fucking do-over on your whole stupid motherfucking day?

Yup, that would be today.

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