Nov 3, 2012

I Had a Bad Dream

I think that the American election is starting to stress me out in ways that I didn't quite realize until early this morning. It seems that every day my eyes and ears are flooded by idiotic politicians in the news and the blogs from both Canada and the USA, annoying me with misquoted bible quotes, trying to take away basic rights of the people, and who just make me grumpy in general. So I guess having a dream like the one I had this morning isn't so crazy, considering the daily bombardment of these moronic imbeciles opinions in my daily life.

The dream took place the day after the American election next week. ( Oooooo, the future!!). In my dream, I woke up to my husband shaking me, telling me we had to get our things and go. I knew right away without asking that it had something to do with the previous days election, so didn't question my husband. I got up, grabbed a bag that was already packed by some magical fairy in Dreamland and we got in the truck and turned on the radio.The DJ told us that anyone that needed to get to safety and was ready to fight for their rights should head to a specific island. For us, it would be a few hours drive and then a couple hours by boat. We were in for a long journey.

As we drove we listened to the radio, and we learned that Mitt Romney and Stephen Harper had planned this all along and they were in cahoots. As soon as Mitt gained power, their plan went into action. Their plan was an actual war on anyone who disagreed with their views. Anyone who did not believe in their god or their politics, women, homosexuals, First Nations, and everyone else in between were under attack.

As we drove, we noticed the streets were full of armed militia. There were men and women strung up in trees with "Fag" and "Sinner" painted on them. There were fires everywhere. There were Occupy people everywhere with their protest signs. The radio said that neighbourhoods in Montreal, Toronto and LA were being bombed by their own governments. I was screaming that I wanted to find out if my family was okay because I couldn't get reception on my phone. It was fucking chaos.

I shot up with a gasp after forcing myself to wake up. I didn't want to dream that dream any longer. I knew I wouldn't be able to go back to sleep, so I got up and started my day.

I realize that it's just a dream, and that in all likelihood, nothing that extreme will happen in our country or the USA. But the rest of it is real. These right wing politicians ARE punishing us for not believing in their god. They ARE trying to take away civil rights. In a heartbeat, they would make homosexuality and abortion illegal. They don't want citizens to have easy access to healthcare or education or money. They want to have control of your relationships and your body. They don't care about climate change or the environment. It's all true, and it's all documented. They've said it, over and over.

We cannot allow them to have all the power. If we do, we're fucked, and not in a fun way, because they don't like that either. Simple as that.

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