Feb 17, 2011

Grace in Small Things #64

1. Justin Beiber. Seriously, his music makes me wish I was deaf, but he's a funny little fucker. And his fans make me laugh my head off on Twitter everyday. For instance, tonight a ton of them are contemplating suicide because he went out in a hail of gunfire on an episode of CSI. Some are calling for the show to be cancelled because "THEY KILLED HIM!". Hilarious. I can think of better reasons why CSI should be put down.

2. Teasing my husband about his peanut butter consumption, just to get a rise out of him. Funny stuff.

3. Ewok battles between Patches and Maggie that end in Maggie humping Patches' face.

4. Husband noticing loose skin on my arms, and that I've lost weight. ( This will not be so nice when I have arm skin flapping all over the place in a few months.)

5. Someone special is moving my way.


Youngblood said...

Peanut butter consumption is a terrible affliction. You will recall how I used to fall asleep wrapped around jars of that horribly delicious condiment.

Anna said...

Maybe you guys can start a support group. Peanut buter eaters anonymous.

I also remember you only eating ketchup sandwiches for a few months. I still say "Eeww" to that one.