Feb 3, 2011

Grace in Small Things #62

It has been so long since I have worked regular hours throughout a week, that I forgot how wonderful and necessary a day off is.  Although the weather today has kept me from doing all the things I had planned for today, I was still able to get out for two short walks with the dogs today, and have been taking advantage of the time I have to catch up on all my blogs, etsy business, cleaning, and so on.

So, "yay" for a days off from the daily grind.

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dk said...

Note: I am not complaining. Even my days off from the daily grind have become a grind of running hither and yon and trying to spread myself around trying to catch up to all of my friends I haven't seen in a month. At least my biggest sin is being early ;)
I do enjoy my blue mountain daily grind every day though.
hugs you